Salado Scottish Festival 2014

Two of our dancers competed at the Salado Scottish Festival this past weekend, and they did so well! Both Maddie and Cady came home with awards, and Cady got her second stamp on her beginner card! Dancers in the beginner and novice classes earn a stamp at each competition where they receive a first, second, or third place. Once they’ve earned six stamps they move on to the next class.

Now that the 2014 competition season is over for us, our dancers will start working on several new dances. Time to get crackin’!

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McPherson Scottish Festival 2014

Cady and Maddie went to their first dance competition at the end of September, and they did so well! Cady got a third place, two fourth places, and a fifth place, and Maddie got a second place and a fourth place. They each placed in all their dances and got a stamp on their cards, which means they are 1/6 of the way to graduating from Beginner to Novice!

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Scotfest 2014

It was a banner year at Scotfest for the Ladymon School of Scottish Dance! We performed 136 dances within 30 hours, were invited to dance with Celtica, and had twice as many dancers as in previous years! We’re looking forward to next year, when we can raise the bar once again.

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